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Hi, my name is Julia, founder and creative director of Queensbee high jewelry. Ever since I stepped into the world of jewelry in London about 10 years ago, I have wanted to challenge the idea that vibrant and extravagant statement pieces were only meant to be worn for special occasions. I want to inspire and empower women to let their individuality shine through the jewelry they wear. Through Queensbee, I want you to make every day a statement. 


Queensbee is dedicated to crafting High Jewelry: sophisticated and luxury pieces that are also affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly. Each hand-crafted item is carefully made using different gold plated metals, gems, and rare semi precious stones of various sizes that are sourced from different countries. 

The jewelry we make is as diverse as the community which we serve; our pieces are entirely one of a kind. We are happy to create individualized custom orders for any piece!

We have limited amounts of each design, each with their own stones and unique color shading. Should you wish to customize your Queensbee piece to better fit your taste or hope to create your own design, our specialists will work with you to bring your vision to life. You can learn more about this here.


Drawing inspiration from my love of fashion, travel, and people, the pieces we create are riddled with spiritual meaning and pay homage to the captivating history of cultures from around the world. Once we have a design in mind, our gemstone specialists source semi precious stones to find the perfect gem that fits our vision for each unique design.

Queensbee Elements

Gemstone Collection

A variety of natural and crystal gemstones are available to be used in any Queensbee pieces

Production Process

Look into our hand made production process step by step to learn more about Queensbee


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