Want to surprise someone with a piece of jewelry?

Want to surprise someone with a piece of jewelry?

Empower yourself and your loved ones with the one-of-a-kind gift of Queensbee. Our dedicated team members are available to help you find the perfect gift for each unique person in your life. 

Our signature jewelry box

Each Queensbee piece will come packaged with both a silk pouch and Queensbee box. If you wish any additional gift wrapping, card, gift bag or anything else to be added to your order, please contact us and we will accommodate all your needs.

You can reach our gift concierge via


You can send us a direct message in instagram and even attach any of our posts as an example of what you like


Schedule on-line or in-person appointment with our gift consierge to discuss your future queensbee gift


Email us at and we’ll send you a variety of options based on your requests


Fill out the form below and we will assist you in choosing or creating your Queensbee gift and will make sure it will be delivered on time

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Additional services available to you

Personalize existing design

You can replace any stones in exiting designs with the ones of your choice

Create unique design

With the help of our in-house designers you can create any piece you like

Contact gift assistant

Talk to the member of Queensbee team to discuss the best options for you