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The QUEENSBEE high jewelry collection consists of only the finest quality rare gems and precious metals and has quickly gained recognition nationwide. The distinctive designs have been worn by a host of high-profile celebrities, musicians, and international fashion icons, including Dover Street Market owner and president of Comme des Garçons, Adrian Joffe.


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The QUEENSBEE brand was conceived more than ten years ago when designer Julia Kharitonova launched her first high jewelry collection in London. Just two years later in 2011, QUEENSBEE was featured in the city’s prestigious Sotheby’s Auction. Julia’s exquisite pieces were auctioned off alongside offerings from distinguished artists, such as Damien Hirst and Louise Josephine Bourgeois. Sotheby’s offers only the world’s most exceptional treasures and positioned QUEENSBEE to achieve international recognition. The brand attracted the attention of TSUM, the premier luxury retailer in Moscow, which carried the brand alongside prestigious jewelry houses, such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, and Chopard.

Julia’s passion is evident in the impeccable craftsmanship found throughout her collections. She regularly channels new inspiration into opportunities for women to stand out in society. Today, her exclusive QUEENSBEE pieces can be seen worn by influential women, including Lady Gaga, Milla Jovovich, Indya Moore, and Stella Hopkins.

"I believe that a woman's jewelry is her ultimate form of expression. Each Queensbee piece is personal and is designed with the mission to highlight women’s individuality. I want women to feel empowered wearing my jewelry."

Julia Kharitonova

What Makes QUEENSBEE So Unique?

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Timeless design with contemporary elements that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Experienced Jewelers

Our collections are created by only the most experienced jewelers with more than 30 years of experience.

Impeccable Quality

We guarantee an impeccable quality of all our products.

Individual Approach

Each of our jewelry pieces is made with an individual approach and carries unique spiritual meaning for its owner.


Meet Julia

JuliaHello Everyone, My name is Julia, and I am the founder and creative director of the QUEENSBEE brand. I am delighted to introduce you to the brand concept and my vision of contemporary jewelry. The history of QUEENSBEE began around ten years ago with a small collection, where I was able to bring my ideas about perfect jewelry to life. Have you ever realized to what extent it is difficult to find precisely what you are looking for in this full of varieties jewelry world? Back in the days when I was choosing jewelry for myself, I was never fully satisfied with any of the displayed designs, and I always wanted to modify something.

As well, there was another scenario when I liked the product, but it was incredibly expensive and lacked spiritual meaning. Therefore, I became determined that there is no other way for me but to create my unique jewelry design, and that is how the entire QUEENSBEE brand has started.

To be honest with you, when I started the QUEENSBEE brand I haven't had any special education in the design field - I had BA in International Law - but it worth noting that I have always felt passionate about interesting combinations in fashion, arts, and precious gemstones. However, when the brand was already fully operating on the jewelry market I decided to go to London for studying and acquired a Masters Degree in Arts, and only then I became a professional specialist in this field. After all, there is this saying, "the wrong choice can get you to the right place," and this is exactly what happened to me.

Traveling serves my absolute inspiration. Many may have noticed that all of my acquaintances with other cultural and historical backgrounds of different countries are directly reflected in my collections. In my perception, jewelry pieces are like real works of art, as they keep the secrets and traditions of the past. QUEENSBEE became noticed from the first day in this competitive jewelry field due to its specialty of expressing things like characters, moods, lifestyles, and past experiences of their owners. I strongly appreciate freedom and courage when dealing with people in a high jewelry business.

QUEENSBEE's philosophy is that everyone's uniqueness has to be expressed in its particular way and shall never be hidden inside. QUEENSBEE strives to unite those who like to emphasize their individuality and demonstrate a delicate taste in a circle of selected admirers of unusual designer jewelry.

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When the QUEENSBEE brand just stepped into the jewelry market ten years ago, the legendary London department store Dover Street Market became immediately interested in my very first jewelry collection, offering me its support and cooperation. Fashionable and progressive Britons have shown a great appreciation of the novelty portrayed in my brand, and already in the first couple of days after negotiations, my entire collection was being sold at the department store.

The success of QUEENSBEE in London, England and then in other fashion points around the world, was predetermined because we managed to create our unique cipher of success, where the author's design and powerful energy of creativity were combined and reflected in the impeccable quality of each product. Today, QUEENSBEE has its personal jewelry production and main office in Moscow, Russia. Moreover, QUEENSBEE has expanded its horizons and today can be purchased not only in Russia but also in Europe and the United States.