Hello! My name is Julia, I am the founder and creative director of the Queensbee brand. I am extremely pleased to personally present you the concept behind my brand and my perspective on contemporary jewelry art.

The story of Queensbee began 10 years ago with a small collection of pieces, which eventually brought to life my vision of ideal jewelry. You probably know how hard it can be to find exactly what you want, especially being a passionate lover of jewelry art. When choosing jewelry for myself, I was always tempted to improve or alter something, or a piece that caught my fancy would be incredibly expensive, another would be old-fashioned and plain. This prompted me to start designing jewelry on my own and launch my personal brand – Queensbee. I have no professional training in design (in the post-Soviet time, a child was expected to master a “serious” profession, hence I graduated from the university with a diploma in international law). They say that the wrong choice can get you to the right place, which is definitely true.

I take inspiration from traveling: my collections are a nod to cultural and historical heritage of the countries I explored. And pieces themselves, as befits genuine works of art, keep secrets and traditions of the past. Queensbee is always a reflection of my personality: my character, mood at the time, my life and creative experience. These evolve into a diverse array of ideas, and a somewhat paradoxical coexistence of a rebellious spirit and the elegance of forms. I value freedom and courage in approaching jewelry art. The Queensbee philosophy is perfectly conveyed to our clients – those who are keen to accentuate individuality and demonstrate exquisite taste, become part of a privileged circle of connoisseurs of unorthodox designer jewelry.

Back then (10 years ago), my first jewelry collection sparked immediate interest from London’s legendary department store Dover Street Market, followed by a partnership offer. It wasn’t long before the fashion-forward and progressive British public appreciated the novelty. In the first few days, the entire collection of jewelry was swept off the counters. Queensbee’s success with London and later with other fashion hubs all over the world was predetermined, because we could create our own unique code, where signature design and powerful energy blend into the impeccable quality of every single piece. Queensbee has launched its own jewelry production in Moscow, and is also headquartered here. You can purchase our products in Russia, Europe and the United States.

The brand’s arsenal includes a collection of authentic jewelry and bespoke commissioned items – we help you select stones and materials, develop a unique design and create a one-off masterpiece. And you know what? You don't need a special occasion to wear our items, they will ideally complement any outfit or play solo in your look. My tip: just pick a piece to suit your mood. The Queensbee collection is the perfect choice for any day, be it another crazy day in a city or a relaxing weekend in the countryside with friends, a trip around the world or an unhurried vacation by the sea. Dare to combine different pieces: rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Create your own unique sets from a variety of Queensbee collections to surprise, inspire and delight yourself and people around you.

I take genuine pride in what we do at Queensbee. Creative search for new ideas and techniques that enable us to craft one-of-a-kind masterpieces of jewelry art, is a continuous process for me, daily aspirations and endeavors of the entire Queensbee team. We love our customers and are always happy to meet the long-time and new connoisseurs of our brand.