The custom jewelry workshop is a special pride of Queensbee. We are hugely experienced in producing one-off commissions both for new items and the remaking of heirloom relics and antiques. You can entrust us with a complete cycle of crafting a customized piece of jewelry:

  • creation of an exclusive custom design

  • selection of stones and materials

  • crafting of a highly artistic one-off piece

Queensbee jewellers lovingly handcraft each piece using a variety of techniques, sophisticated gem-cutting and decoration styles to adorn the pieces. It is our utmost attention to quality and detail that makes the brand's products stand out.

It is important to us that your piece is tailored to exacting your individual needs and finds a worthy place in your personal collection of jewelry. There is nothing to hold us back when it comes to crafting a customized item. If you wish, we can draw inspiration from Queensbee collections or break the rules. We strive to create a genuine timeless masterpiece, not just a piece of jewelry. When drafting out your piece, we carefully balance the ideal shape, color, artistic value and spiritual feel.

Queensbee jewelry is exclusively designed with care about the well-being and prosperity of its owner. We pay great attention to bioenergetic properties of gemstones and their best combination. By ordering jewelry in our workshop, you get a piece sublime in its beauty, spiritual power and passion.

Queensbee is always an ideal combination of designer’s fantasy, eternal magic of natural stones and outstanding properties of precious metals.

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